Mowing, tears and free time

crazydreamMEMEWe all lived in Jen’s house she grew up in on 2nd Avenue in Howell.

Peter was on a counseling call with his counselor from College plus, telling him that he took some aptitude test.  Peter started crying saying, “The test said I couldn’t be a nuclear physicist or pick up the guitar and start playing!  But what if I want to?!”
The counselor wanted to talk to Josh. Josh takes the phone and as Peter walks away yells, “Say goodbye to your free time, Josh!!”
Pete gets back on phone and Jen feels like she has to do damage control so she says to Josh:
“Listen, if Mr. Peper sent over a bus to pick up the four of you, they ship you off, change your clothes, feed you and make you work for a while, then ship you off to another place to work for a while, then you go back and have dinner, then go read for a while, then take a shower and go to bed……..I would be completely fine with that (except for the part about you getting shipped off).
“Josh – what if Mom and Dad just let you play video game all day long. Because I was allowed to do that growing up. What do you think happened when my parents told me to clean the living room?”

To answer, Jen then starts rolling back and forth on the ground whining, “I don’t want to!”

Then Jen panics remembering that Anna was mowing the lawn and she doesn’t know where she is. Jen looks out the front window and Anna is mowing the front lawn, giggling like she’s getting away with something.

The whole time Jen is talking to people, she’s looking at the big picture window in the front of the house and wondering if she could get on a ladder to clean the tops of the windows without falling to her death.


long lost friend??

so i am in this huge house.  i am holding the cordless phone and it rings.  i answer and head outside so i can hear the woman on the phone better.  she says that i gave her my number long ago and she wanted to call.  i ask her what her name is.  she says it is “eye-me” but spelled Myme (with a silent M at the beginning).  i tell her i am sorry but i do not recognize that name at all and ask her where i knew her from.  then a thought occurs to me:  “oh wait! do i know you from VBS?”, i ask.  she responds with yes.  i am picturing VBS at the church that i grew up going to VBS at.  she says that she lived next to John and Virginia.  those are my other grandparents, not the ones that took me to VBS.  she said she lived next door.  so then i ask her what made her want to get ahold of me.  she answered, “Booksneeze. i just bought the book ‘Why We Are the Way We Are’.”  it occurred to me then that i just sold that exact book.  “did i just sell you that book!??!?!” i ask in amazement.  she replied with “yes.  that is how i got your contact information.”  my head starts spinning with thoughts of how crazy it is that we were linked up this way.  i start exclaiming into the phone, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?”  when she doesn’t reply, i look at the phone and realize that it died.  i was so bummed because we just solved the mystery and now i couldn’t call her back as i did not have her number and she couldn’t call me because my phone was dead.  i went into the house and started to tell one of my aunts who was there about it.  she quickly became bored and walked away.  i was looking and looking for paul and when i finally found him, i started to tell him about what had happened.  he says, “why didn’t you tell me earlier?”  i said, “i couldn’t because i couldn’t find you!!”

then i woke up.

that’s it. 🙂

Take my cereal!

9/8/11 Dream
I was at Cosco and bought a giant box of cereal. I returned home and began handing it out to the neighbors. It was all raisin brand. It was the old neighborhood I grew up in. I handed out all but three boxes to the neighbor immediately next door. With the other three boxes, I walked to the end of the street and there was a grocery store. I walked in and my Mom and some other lady (not sure who) was there. I gave the boxes to my Mom and gave the other lady some coupons.
that’s it. 🙂

The worst ultimatum ever

9/5 dream:

Our whole family is at Cedar Point.  The kids are riding all the small rides by themselves.  When they come back to join Paul and I, we ask them if they have ridden any of the big roller coasters.  They say no.  We tell them that they’ve got to try them.  We point to the area with the huge rides and start pointing them out.  They worriedly look at each ride and start saying things like, “Are you sure?  Are these safe?!”.  I start to tell them that they are going to ride these coasters.

I finally tell them: You’re riding these roller coasters or you’re going to Pathway.

The kids all take off for the rides and only Naomi stays with us at the table.  The Macarena song is playing over the loud speaker.  Paul says to me, “I bet you still know all the moves to that song.”  I kind of try to do it and say, “Yeah, I don’t think so.”  We both look over at Naomi who is perfectly doing the Macarena dance while sitting in a chair completely expressionless.

That’s it.

Mmmm Honey Citrus Lemonade…

9/3 dream

We went to a farmers market, me and the kids. Everything was really expensive and I had no cash on me.  Then I see a friend from the past, standing at a card table she had set up.  It had nothing else on it except an old yellow 1970’s era yellow cup full of something.  It had a label on it that I couldn’t read.  I walked over, said hello and said, “What do you have?”

She said, “It’s this lemonade.”  She showed me the label and it read, “Honey citrus lemonade”

I said, “Oh that’s interesting.”

She said, “Yeah, its $1.50 for a tablesoon, would you like some?”

Then I said, “Oh, not right now, maybe in a minute…”

So I walked over to another table.  I can’t remember what they were selling, but I asked them, “Can I debit over here?”  I did and got a $20 bill.  I turned back to go back and buy some lemonade and saw her chugging the lemonade from the only container of lemonade she was selling!  I hesitantly walked back to the table and woke up just as she poured me a small glass.